Our Mission
The mission of International Promise Foundation (IPF) is to provide assistance internationally in fulfilling the biblical instructions of our Lord Jesus Christ as outlined in James 1:27…”look after the orphans and widows in their distress.” Our hope is to serve God’s Kingdom to the best of our ability for generations to come.

Our Story
The Spica family began sowing into Samaritan Children’s Home in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2000. Over the past 20 years the family has collectively made over 30 trips to the children’s home bringing supplies for the children’s schooling, medical facility, general well being, and of course recreation!

In an effort to send more financial aid to the children who reside in the home, International Promise Foundation was created to help eliminate administration fees from child sponsorships. This means virtually every penny of each dollar donated through IPF goes directly to the children of Samaritan Children Home.

HELP-Bangladesh children home was established in 1990 by a group of Christian Leaders, Pastors, Businessmen & Missionaries. Their hearts were burning for the street children, orphaned and underprivileged children of Bangladesh. The goal of HELP Bangladesh is to help children through healthcare, education, and leadership programs in Bangladesh, so that they may contribute leadership to their own communities when they grow up. This program is taking children off the streets and placing them in a loving, caring home where they receive healthcare, education, food, clothing and shelter.

HELP began when David Halder and his wife Namita took 6 needy children in to their home in the city of Dhaka. The number of children increased to 25 within two months. With expenses growing and accommodations running small in the city, the HELP committee decided to move out from Dhaka to Savar which is 30 kilometers northwest of Dhaka. Once in Savar,  a four bedroom house with 2 additional rooms was rented to accommodated the then 159 children. Finally, in June, 1995,  a generous Christian lady from Bangladesh, donated a big piece of land having 2.4 acres.

Today, the Samaritan Children’s Home sits on 7 acres of their own land. Thanks to generous donors in USA, Netherland, and Australia funds have been given for a girls dormitory, boys dormitory, offices, medical clinic, sick-child housing, kitchens, a chapel, a growing school building (additional science building added in 2017 by IPF donors specially), sport courts and much more! In 2019, we opened our first sustainability program, a Chicken Farm, raising chickens for sale at local markets to help off-set rising food costs!