What does my $40 go towards?

Sponsored children do not receive your donation directly. Sponsorship dollars are pooled to maximize the impact and ensure all our children are fed, housed, and educated.

How many sponsors does a child have?

Just one! We have a child sponsorship department as a part of our administrative team in Bangladesh with a sole focus on cultivating child & sponsor relationships! We have seen the power of sponsorship most effective when a child has a 1:1 relationship with their sponsor and is being cared for and most importantly prayed for by name!

What is the commitment involved with sponsorship?

Our program gives you the opportunity to sponsor the same child year after year, most until they graduate between the age of 18 and 22! Occasionally a sponsor child’s circumstances may change forcing them to leave the program, and if this happens you will be notified immediately. We pray all our sponsors are able to continue with their children however you may choose to leave the sponsorship program at any time.

Can I communicate with my child?

Yes, yes yes! Communication between sponsor family and child is encouraged and facilitated through IPF. Letters & photos can be sent via email or mail to us. We then pass everything on to our Bangladesh team electronically. You may also send birthday and Christmas gifts to your child through a monetary donation! We even encourage you take it all the way and travel with us on our annual Vision Trip to meet your child face to face.

How can I give?

When sponsoring a child you may choose to give annually or monthly through our secure system using a checking/savings account or a credit/debit card. We promise to make signing up for sponsorship easy – just click here!

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