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“I think when we received the photos of Srabonti receiving her gifts, it really made sponsorship very personal to myself, and my kids. My kids wanted to know why I was crying, and I kept repeating, “These are happy tears, because we get to be a part of helping someone else know they are so loved by God, and us.” It was an incredibly special moment. When I got her Christmas card, the same feeling of connectedness with our girl came over me. She is real! She draws pictures like my own 5 year old draws them. So very personal. I feel like we are more blessed to be sponsoring her!”
Marcus, Sarah, Kella (7), Kasey (5) Kaya (3), and Keane (1) Hills


“One of the reasons we wanted to sponsor a child through International Promise Foundation was to help our three young daughters think beyond themselves and the comfortable life we live in our little corner of the world.  It was important for us to sponsor a young girl who our girls could relate to.  Our experience has exceeded our expectations!   Our girls talk about Dina every single day, asking questions about where she lives, her family, her experiences, and what she has and doesn’t have.  Any money they get they immediately want to share with Dina.  We all love getting the pictures of Dina holding the letters, drawings, and photographs that we send her.  The personal connection that International Promise Foundation fosters between families and their sponsor child is incredible.  It’s unbelievable to think that one day we could even travel to Bangladesh to meet Dina in person!  The worldview that our girls are gaining from this experience is priceless.”
Lou, Erica, Christine (6), Maggie (4), and Samantha (2) Bedolla


“I was sponsoring a child through another organization for 15 years and I never heard from that child except pictures once a year I never had a any way to contact or write to the girl, send gifts or know that she received anything I sent to help with her care.   I have enjoyed being part of International Promise because of all the personal touches you do for the sponsor, the updates, letter and pictures.  Thanks, I know my gifts are being used wisely.”
Ruth Mulder


“In our home, we refer to our sponsor children, Michel and Pingki, as our brother and sister in Bangladesh.  One day, our daughter Claire, came home from school and said a boy in her class said he wanted a brother.  Claire asked if his mom was going to have another baby, and he said no, he didn’t think she would.  Claire asked if maybe they would adopt a child, and the boy said no, his didn’t think his parents would adopt either.  Claire said, “So I told him if you want a brother, tell your mom to talk to my mom, because we can get you a brother from Bangladesh.”  It made us laugh, but also touched our hearts that she really thought of Michel as her brother!”

Chad, Amanda, Claire (8), and Marian (6) Hoop