Bangladesh Facts

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Million People

Bangladesh is the 8th
most populous country
in the world.

In terms of size,
Bangladesh is just
over half the size
of Michigan.

The USA is 66 times larger
than Bangladesh and has only
2.5 times as many people

The country has the
third largest Muslim
population in the world.

There are approximately 3000 people per square mile, making this country one of the most densely populated on earth. Compare this to Michigan where you have 103 people per square mile!

Bangla, or Bengali, is
the official language.

1 TAKA equals

0.012 USD

The major religion in Bangladesh is Islam (88.23%),
but a significant percentage of the population adheres
to Hinduism (10.69%). Other religious groups include
Buddhists 0.6%, (mostly Theravada), Christians
(0.3%, mostly Roman Catholics)
, and Animists (0.1%).

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